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What do I send?


Provide one or two self-recorded audition video(s) as follows:


  • 1) TWOTW AUDITION SONG (required): Choose and sing a portion of one of The War of the Worlds (TWOTW) show songs from the list below (either sing-along or using the karaoke version – see directions below).

  • 2) YOU SELECT (optional): Sing a portion of a song of your choosing.  Any genre.  It can be a second TWOTW song if you prefer.

  • Each video should be around 30 – 60-seconds in length, and no longer than 90-seconds.  Shorter is okay.

  • *See “Tips & Direction” section below for more guidance.

How do I send it?

1) Film:
  • Film yourself, or have a member of your household film you singing along-to a section of your audition song(s)

  • You can either sing along with one of the vocal versions, or if you prefer, sing over one of the provided instrumental only/karaoke versions of the songs (see song list below)

  • It doesn’t matter if the video cuts in or cuts out, or if you have to wait for a few seconds to “get to your part”, etc.  I’ll overlook all the rough edges.  Sing, sing, sing!

  • If possible, find a space in your home where you can sing at your normal comfortable singing power.  *I don’t care where, or how the room looks.

2) Upload:

When ready, upload your audition videos to Youtube (unlisted) or other similar service like Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

3) Send:

Send an email to: 



  • Your full name

  • Current email address

  • The links to your audition videos

  • 1-paragraph brief/note-form overview of your creative/performance highlights

  • *Please indicate your interest in a dual ensemble/understudy type role.


NOTE: If you’re unable to provide your videos online for some reason let me know and we’ll try to work out an alternate option.

Audition Songs


I have created a playlist on Youtube with some (temporary) selected songs.  As you’ll see there are both vocal and instrumental/karaoke versions for many of them.  


*Please use Google to find the lyrics as needed.


Youtube playlist:

Audition Song Choices:


  1. Spirit of Man (duet - male tenor, female alto)

  2. Thunderchild (male rock tenor)

  3. Brave New World (male rock tenor)

  4. Forever Autumn (male or female)

  5. The Chances of Anything Coming From Mars (end of Eve of War – male or female, all ranges)

Tips & direction


  • Choose a song that you think is a good fit for you and/or your voice.

  • Plant your feet and just sing to the camera.  We’ll talk choreo later ;)

  • Quality is always helpful but I’m not looking for high production value, rather, we will be listening to the tone and quality of the singing and overall “fit” for the various needs of the show.

  • Try to frame from your waist up if you can, but most importantly be close enough to your camera so we can hear you clearly.



Theatre Kelowna Society is pleased to invite virtual audition submissions for our concert presentation of Jeff Wayne’s musical version of The War of the Worlds currently scheduled for 8 performances in Kelowna, Penticton and Vernon in October 2020. 


Character descriptions and submissions instructions are included below.  We look forward to receiving your audition!


Character descriptions


1) The Sung Thoughts of The Journalist
(Singing role)


Whenever The Journalist becomes introspective, he becomes The Sung Thoughts of The Journalist. 


He first performs 'The Eve of The War' revealing something ominous is about to unfold, although we don't yet know what. 


George visits his good friend Ogilvy a renowned Astronomer who is unconcerned as they gaze through his telescope observing the Red Planet, telling George 'the chances of anything coming from Mars, are a million to one'. 


However, Ogilvy is proven wrong after the first cylinder from Mars crash lands on Horsell Common, Woking, near The Journalist's house, confirming a life-changing event to Humanity has begun. 


Concerned, George travels to Carrie's house in London, but to his despair, she and her father are gone. He performs the emotional ballad 'Forever Autumn' at the discovery of the apparent loss of his loved one. 


TSTOTJ was originally performed by Justin Hayward (lead singer from the Moody Blues) on both the original recording and live on the first 5 arena tours between 2006-2010 for Jeff Wayne's official production. On the 2012 New Generation recording this role was played by Gary Barlow (Take That) and on the subsequent tours by Marti Pellow (2012), Brian McFadden (2014) and singer/songwriter Newton Faulkner (2018). 


2) The Artilleryman
(Singing & acting role)


The Artilleryman is in his late twenties and a member of the British military. His personality is revealed to be more of a dreamer than a realist. 


Escaping the Martians from Horsell Common, The Artilleryman arrives at The Journalist's house, bloodied and bruised. He believes the house is empty, and crawls in to take shelter. However, The Journalist is home and confronts then befriends The Artilleryman. Together they decide to head for London but along the way The Artilleryman and The Journalist are separated after confronting Martian Fighting Machines with their Heat Rays. 


Later in the story, The Artilleryman and The Journalist are unexpectedly reunited, and The Artilleryman reveals a plan for re-building the world, by taking the best of Mankind who survived the Martian Invasion and start 'all over again', until such time Man is strong enough to regain control from the Martians, dominating Earth above. 


The Artilleryman's plan is magnificent, but entirely unrealistic. He becomes content to drink champagne and play card games with the Journalist, who eventually realises the gulf between the Artilleryman's dreams and his powers, and leaves for London. 


Performed by David Essex on the original recording, the Jeff Wayne official Arena tours have included:  Jason Donovan (2010), Kaiser Chief's Ricky Wilson featured on both the 2012 NewGen recording and tour. On succeeding tours, The Artilleryman has been performed by Shayne Ward (2014) and by actor, singer and dancer, Adam Garcia (2018).


3) The Voice of Humanity
(Singing role)


The Voice of Humanity performs 'Thunder Child' - telling about the  climatic battle between Mankind and the Martians, closing Act One.


While the ironclad Thunder Child is ultimately sunk by the Martians in  their Fighting Machines while firing their incredible Heat Rays, the frigate survives long enough to destroy a Fighting Machine and save the tiny steamer, the SS Empress, filled with people including Carrie and her father, who escape to foreign shores.


But while the battle is lost and the Thunder Child has sunk forever, taking with her the last hopes for Mankind, the steamer and all those aboard, escape to safety and foreign shores, ending the first half with the Earth now belonging to the Martians.


Originally performed by Chris Thompson of Manfred Mann's Earth  Band (lead singer on the US No 1 'Blinded By The Light'), Chris also appeared in the first 5 arena tours for the official production. In 2012 The New Generation recording featured Alex Clare, best known for his world-wide smash single 'Too Close' from the Liam Neeson film 'Taken'. From 2012, The Voice of Humanity has been played by Will Stapleton, Joseph Whelan (2014) and Nathan James, lead singer in heavy rock band 'Inglorious' (2018).


4) Parson Nathaniel
(Singing & acting role)


A man of the cloth, who has lost all faith in believing there is anything worth living for.  Instead of being the first person his community can go to for moral and spiritual comfort, Nathaniel is the first to become distraught and senseless after seeing the destruction of his church. 


As he sinks further into insanity, he regards the Martians as the Devil and only he can destroy them with his prayers and Holy Cross. However, he ends up a victim to the Martians, picked up by the claw of their incredible Handling Machine, with his blood transfused into the Martians as food to feed their hunger.


'The Spirit of Man' is a duet between Nathaniel and his wife Beth, and  represents the opposing sides of Love and Hate, Good and Evil, Hope and Hopelessness.


HG Wells in his original story couldn't have known how the world of today would be so divided over one's faith and religion, where wars are fought daily, but the relevance in our world is one of the reasons TWOTW remains as potent today, as it was when first written in 1897. 


Originally performed by Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott, The New Generation recording features Maverick Sabre, one of the UK's newest and most exciting talents. The official production of TWOTW to date have featured a wide range of unique talents from heavy rock to opera performed by household names in the UK, Australia and Europe – Russell Watson (2006), Asia's John Payne (2007), three times Australian 'MTV Male Artist of the Year' Shannon Noll (AUS), Rhydian Roberts (2010) and on all tours between 2012 - 2018 the role has been reprised by Jason Donovan.


5) Beth, The Parson's Wife
(Singing & acting role)


Beth represents the goodness in Humanity, the counterpoint to her husband Parson Nathaniel's beliefs.

In their duet, 'The Spirit of Man' Beth tries to bring Nathaniel out of his loss of faith and ultimate madness, with pleas to him that "there must be something worth living for, even some things worth dying for". But Nathaniel is too far along with his resignation to the forces of Evil. Beth perishes when a Martian cylinder lands on the house, that she, Nathaniel and The Journalist sought shelter in. Beth's death is the final trigger into Nathaniel's insanity - a sign suggesting that Mankind is doomed.

Originally performed by Julie Covington – the UK's first Evita and the 2012 New Generation recording featuring Joss Stone. The official production of TWOTW has have had major artists from contemporary recording artists including – Ireland's Tara Blaise (2006) and Sinéad Quinn (2007),  Australia's Rachael Beck, Jennifer Ellison (2009), Atomic Kitten's Liz McClarnon (2010), 'Wicked's' Kerry Ellis (2012) and on the 2014 & 2018 tours, West End star (Les Mis) & Social Media Influencer, Carrie Hope Fletcher.

Swingtime Serenade 11x17 Poster FOR WEB.

Swingtime Serenade 11x17 Poster FOR WEB.

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