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Good Ol' Country Comfort

Written and directed once again by Jeff Samin, the cast will feature familiar faces such as Debby Helf, Corinne Marks, Ashley Lewicki, Gloria Poulette, Shannon Bracken, Ian Krebs and Rob Crawford, along with newcomers to TKS, Darryl Davies and Rick and Pat Jones. As usual, the show will contain the humour that was featured in such shows as ‘Hee Haw’ and we may even have a special guest appearance by Minnie Pearl.

Theatre Kelowna Society’s fall shows in the Black Box Theatre are about nostalgia. This year’s revue continues in the same tradition by featuring the songs that helped make country music a legitimate genre. Initially it was simply called ‘Western” music, later becoming ‘Country & Western’. Nowadays called ‘Country’ music and although some artists still retain the western flavor, it is more a fusion of pop-rock and country with heavy electric musical arrangements.

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